How to Overcome Trauma
and Live Life Fully

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You are meant to thrive, not just survive. I'd love to share my story of how I overcame trauma in my life and learned how to live the life I was meant to live.  Fill in the form below to begin.

Keynote Speeches

Changing the Shape of Energy

In this presentation Daniel references his three Ironman Triathlon Finishes to inspire the audience to step out of comfort into discomfort. It is a personal journey to change his narrative surrounding childhood sexual abuse and reshape the energy created in the aftermath. Daniel will create a sense of wonder around how gritty is pretty and transforms negative experiences into positive leverage to become the best possible version of ourselves.


  • Understand environmental cues and design
  • Actively creating your lifestyle (not living other peoples)
  • Building grit through reality
  • The value of an inside out personal operating system
  • Releasing your arrow
  • Being specific in your intentions to overcome the But of fears.
  • Storming the Castle

    Creating adult adventures with an eye on joy and happiness is fully encouraged. Daniel isn’t encouraging escapism. No this presentation is the opposite of escapism and asks us to dive headfirst into exuberance for those things that make us feel incredibly alive and fulfilled. Interweaving his concept of Insanity Architects you’ll experience a shift in your perception of what is and possible and not allowing limiting beliefs to compromise what you’re capable of.


  • A desire to explore self-acceptance and self-love
  • The courage to cross your personal draw bridge
  • Understanding powerful questioning
  • Learning to enjoy meeting gate keepers
  • Learning to live your life measured by your own metrics
  • Leaping the fear mote
  • Failing at the Goat...Lessons from Unsuccessful Attempts

    Daniel constructs a message about failure and the negative connotations surrounding the word. As an Athlete for over forty years Daniel has had his fair share of unsuccessful attempts to complete events, butt kicking’s, and failures of success! The experience s woven into the presentation offer a glimpse into why someone continues to pursue a vison, dream, or goal even after they have been unsuccessful. Daniel talks about the nine years it took to get his first book ‘Nobody Can Take It away From You’ published.


  • Humans can learn to connect more through unsuccessful ventures
  • What are you willing to sacrifice, hopefully not your truth
  • Why would anyone do that
  • Is there a threshold for how much one should continue to go after a dream/goal
  • Try even though you know you fail, look bad and enjoy your personal growth
  • How pain helps us to embrace reality and move our own personal needle.
  • Don’t quit because it’s hard, quit because you have done all you can
  • Author/Speaker's Personal Message

    I am passionate about sharing hope for the hurting, encouragement for the weary, and strength for the weak.

    I share my story with people of all ages who are struggling with their identity, hurts from the past, and addictions.

    I am an Insanity Architect and the definition of insanity is to continue doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.

    Change IS possible.  You DO have what it takes.  Together WE will do it!

    Life Lessons from a Pedophile Victim - My Little Secret - and The Holy Spirit.

    Sometimes the circumstances in our life suck. We can’t change that, but why let them dictate how we live, breath, and journey? Why not take those circumstances, glean the lessons from them and build a lifestyle that leads to living a remarkable life? Now we’re on the path - the right path for sure.

    Personally, I’ve experienced some bad circumstances. I was sexually abused from the time I was six years old until I was twelve. Later in my teens, and early twenties, anger ruled my world and eventually depression became the ruler of my life. I ran as far and fast from God as I could. He is a far better runner than I will ever be and eventually His love healed me and showed me a new way to be. God showed me that my true nature could never change and that He was the guide that I needed to get back on my true path and live remarkable. UN taught me how to be a survivor, not a victim. It can dramatically change your life and return your personal power, as it did mine.

    Enter UN

    ‘From this day forward we shall make no excuses. We understand that the power lies within us and we take that power seriously. Our life is not dictated by the status quo and the limiting mentality that aligns with it. We choose a course of action and boldly pursue our vision.’ From the UNManifesto

    Living UNis a lifestyle choice where we strip away the societal conditioning that has overcome our true nature. Our radical approach is to return to the root of our nature which is relationship with God.

    UNis a philosophy and a Personal Operating System that I was given in my pursuit to complete my first Ironman Triathlon in 2004. The UN philosophy consists of ten different components that we use to create a lifestyle through deliberate practice that will guide us to a remarkable life.

    The Ultimate Objective – Mastery (Inner Peace.)

    UNis mastery. Mastery is inner peace gained from the process of creating a lifestyle of deliberate practice where you are working to achieve your Vision and become the best you are capable of being. From the UNmanifesto.


    Copyright 2019, Daniel O'Neill