Racing Death, A Radical Pursuit Paperback


The word Radical traced to its etymology means “originating in the root or ground;” of body parts or fluids, “vital to life,” from Latin radicalis “of or having roots.”

In Racing Death, I explore the art of living consciously, radically, and questioning the status quo and societal condition. The root of every human is the Universe and God. God referred to as being a non-religious, man-made doctrine and dogma. OH, God is so much more than that systematic, diminishing energy that reflects a patriarchal system. We can rise way above the systematic attraction and connect fully with God as intended by the Love, not control.


Racing death asks the reader to explore living your sacred blueprint. To seek the energy and connection that exists in the Universe. Radical is the way of the Scared Rebel. Racing Death is the way of those who are awakening, connecting to the root of co-creating magic and manifesting a world of peace, joy, and Love.


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