Nobody Can Take It Away From You Paperback


Unbecoming the past to flourish and thrive. The journey to the Ironman Canada Triathlon in 2004 was the opportunity to reconnect with God and the Universe. Through physical challenges I have always found powerful connection to my Spirit. Those challenges are the Universe opening my heart to see in a way that I never could with my eyes.


This book is the story of my life unfolding through a lifelong goal to do an Ironman Triathlon. What I learned on that journey changed my life and my nature. I returned to a space where my true nature went all in on life. I jumper in not fully knowing what would happen as life unfolded and I was guided by a higher vision. What I discovered was that no matter what happens in life, align your thoughts with the highest goodness and love in life and all will be well. Nobody Can Take It Away From You.


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