Meeting God at the Bar

Welcome to a gathering place where you can connect with others who want to live the truth in Scripture together and allow it to impact every area of their life.  

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  • Welcome to Meeting God At The Bar. I am a Christian, an athlete, an author, father, and seeker of the power of wisdom and knowledge held in God’s Word. The purpose of this meeting place is to provide opportunities to Christians and those seeking to come to Christ through my servant’s heart. I am on my own journey with Christ and seeking my own way to be on fire daily for relationship with Christ.  I have had my struggles in life which include being sexually abused as a young boy. There was a point in my life where I hated God and try my best to run as fast and as far away from anything to do with him. However Christ is a far better runner than I ever will be and he just kept pursuing me. However I have learned how to Change The Shape Of Energy and what used to be a Victim’s narrative has become the narrative of inner peace, joy, and spreading my message.Could the aftermath of being sexually abused be turned into a blessing? In Christ anything is possible and this meeting place is a product of that grace I have been receiving through Him.

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The Genesis of this idea came about one day while I was lifting weights. And was a simple play on words for me. Christ took this simple idea and created an opportunity for His Word and salvation to be spread on the meeting place. Lifting weights builds stronger muscles and bones; it transforms the physical makeup of the body and mind.  Christ will transform every cell in our body, He will transform our minds and how we live.

Let's Do This! 

Meeting God at the Bar.  

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