Mental Health Mobility

“Created from Love, and from a servant’s heart. For my tribe and clan. You are not alone. Never do you need to be alone.” 

I know from experience that when I was depressed, that was not my identity. The hardest learning curve for me during my early years of depression was learning that truth. It felt as if that energy was my identity.

I felt like there was something wrong with me. That is a common narrative around mental health issues. “There is nothing wrong with you, it’s something wrong with your brain.” My brain is part of me, is it not? Well-meaning words from my doctor that still left me feeling I was broken.

the good news is…

You are not broken.

Sometimes mental energy becomes stuck. Energy either flows in the body or it gets trapped in it. Often, we are living patterns and habits that do not allow our brains to move energy.

The Mental Health Mobility community is creating conversations to help stimulate and encourage energetic ways to explore mental well-being. We explore a growth mindset to change the shape of energy and ‘unbecome’ a fixed mindset.

There are statistics available that show we are experiencing all time highs in mental health issues in the world today. At Mental Health Mobility we do not see you as a statistic because you are not. You are a unique soul on your journey who has unlimited possibility, and you are divine.

We each have a sacred blueprint that no other human has. Therefore, we will see that unique blueprint in you and remove the labels of society, statistics, and we will accept your amazing energy into a community that loves you for who you are.

In his book “Lost Connections. Why You are Depressed and How to Find Hope.” Johann Hari does a deep dive into depression and the results are startling and give us great hope. I highly recommend anyone on a journey with depression read the book and check out Hari’s Ted Talk on the subject. The book helped me to see different perspectives on myself and people I know who have depression.

Community is an integral part of providing people with depression who feel hopeless a chance to find hope again. Mental Health Mobility is about community and connection. To be a Light for all who are seeking to connect and be part of a Tribe. When we are committed to ourselves, we can take that same commitment and share it with our brothers and sisters. Being the Light so others can rise with you is authentic giving of oneself for the collective consciousness.

In the collective consciousness of the interconnected Universe the Life Force thinking is. “If I heal, I heal others.” It is with this collective consciousness dynamic that the narrative can shift around mental well-being. Through a culture of mutual respect, love, and peace we create a safe tribe who are caring, supportive, and uplifting. This is a safe environment to feel into your true nature and release your Light for the world to see. The world needs your Light.

I am a servant to mental well-being. I feel immense hope for humanity. There is an awakening taking place that will shift the energy of the planet. Mental Health Mobility is my gift of space to the weirdoes, nerds, outliers, freaks, misfits, seekers, normal, and marginalized people who are creating new ways to Love.

Mental Health Mobility believes that mental well-being should not be about the same system that has created the issue. It can be about exploring beyond the status quo and conceptual conditioning into creatively moving mental energy.

Energy is the key to mental well-being or any well-being for that matter, physical, mental, or spiritual. A flowing state of being optimizes energy to create a personal environment and culture of cosmic and atomic flourishing and thriving.

Story is a powerful tool for change. With a collective story, the collective Universal energy can respond to higher frequency and vibrational energy. We are rewriting your story; you are the hero of that story. Together we can change the shape of energy and live fully and with mental well-being. Welcome to your tribe, you are loved, you are loving, you are lovable.

Kintsugi is infused with the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi. (Wabi means alone, Sabi means the passage of time. Together, they teach us to embrace the good and bad parts of ourselves and the asymmetry of life.)

To unbecome the status quo and societal conditioning, you need to explore your Light and your Shadow, the Yin, and the Yang.

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Mental mobility refers to a humans’ ability to navigate their environment consciously with intention, clarity, no fear, and a sense of belonging in terms of activities in daily living.

A mobile mind can change, shift, reframe, and see from a higher perspective.

" I'll see you on the other side! "

Daniel O'Neill  |  Warrior Villain

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