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Kintsugi means to join with gold. It is a centuries old Japanese art of piecing together broken pottery with a mixture of lacquer and gold. The Japanese tradition highlights imperfections rather than hiding them.

Kintsugi is infused with the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi. (Wabi means alone, Sabi means the passage of time. Together, they teach us to embrace the good and bad parts of ourselves and the asymmetry of life.) This is seeing beauty in the incomplete and value in simplicity. In a world of perfection, unrealistic social structures, and fake news, learning to celebrate our scars and flaws allows us to take back our power.

      We each have unique energy frequencies. If we are living from a perspective of Wabi-Sabi allowing our scars and imperfections to shine, this allows our natural frequencies to flow. If we try to hide the scars and imperfections, we alter our inherent, innate frequencies which can lead to unhealthy mental well-being. We can become embroiled in other people’s beliefs, thoughts, and ideas of how we should look, behave, and live. This creates unhealthy disturbances in our frequencies.

Grace is a word and state we can offer ourselves as we journey our path. Grace is the personal power for deep acceptance of all that is within and without us. Grace is encompassing and authentic, it means an end to struggle through embracing the whole of us as we truly are. Meaning we can embrace those scars and imperfections without worry of fear.

GAMAN is the Japanese art of Perseverance. It teaches the ability to endure with patience and a calm Spirit. Gaman encourages us to tap into our resilience to reframe the circumstances of our lives.

Hardships can be reframed to remind us we are not victims and to help you come out the other side. Gaman is a Zen Buddhist term which means enduring the seemingly unbearable with patience and dignity.

KANSHA is the most important concept we use in Kintsugi wellness. Kansha is the act of expressing gratitude for the good and the bad.

When we practise gratitude, we are experiencing being fully present in the moment, grateful for what we have, not longing for what we do not have. Scientific studies have shown the power of gratitude for over all health and mental well-being.

You are not broken, there is nothing wrong with you! Energy can become stuck, so we design ways to free and move that energy to become higher expressions of that energy. In the process of living our scars and imperfections we create something more unique, beautiful, and badass resilient.

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Mental mobility refers to a humans’ ability to navigate their environment consciously with intention, clarity, no fear, and a sense of belonging in terms of activities in daily living.

A mobile mind can change, shift, reframe, and see from a higher perspective.

" I'll see you on the other side! "

Daniel O'Neill  |  Warrior Villain

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