Mental Health Mobility

An Exuberant Animal

I was unsure, I felt horrible, and I could not explain the feeling. Trying to put into words what depression can feel like is difficult. It can feel different for everyone.

I found as I journeyed further into the darker side and then found my way to the light that can be present in depression, the narrative needed to shift. The narrative in my own life, and the narrative surrounding mental health. This is a space to create conversation, open sharing, and the power of connection and tribe.

When I started to gravitate back to Nature and Rewilding as I now call it, there was a shift in my mental energy. To unbecome the status quo and societal conditioning I needed to explore my Light and My Shadow, the Yin, and the Yang.

For so long I had been scared to see into the Shadow of my own being. I hid behind a mask that I felt kept me safe and secure. That mask was a prison that kept me in the energetic expression of depression.

I decided that I needed to become an exuberant animal, to reach into my primal being. What began to flow from this rewilding process was a renewed connection with my inner guide. I started to listen to my intuition. I started to allow myself to look and be wild.

The Mirriam-Webster Online Dictionary (2022) defines Exuberant as:

1 a: joyously unrestrained and enthusiastic

   b: unrestrained or elaborate especially in style

I found my expression in ways that started to free me from all the energy that had built up living according to societal conditioning and the status quo. I found freedom, I found growth, I found joy, sweet, blissful joy.

That joy was inside of me. By getting out into nature, running, cycling, and hiking the interconnected energy of the Universe guided me to what was within. I found the way through the obstacle of depression was an inner energy. I started to take myself on more play dates. Play is an expression of energy that flows out lovingly to combine with the intelligence of the universe.

When we play on the playground that is earth, the Universe loves to contemplate its own beauty through us. What that in turn does is connect us in ways to that beauty within us through the guidance of the Universe. It is the most fulfilling relationship I have ever experienced.

Through my own experience with depression and discovering the benefits of the power of health, play, and joyful movement I began to see that my mental well-being was to keep my mind mobile. Over time I expanded to movement component with the process of meditation.

The Nature component with being in the world. My Vision was a community of people who connected through technology to create a safe space to discuss, create, and explore mental health mobility. Along my journey I discovered the power of Tribe in my own mental well-being. 

To be connect with beings who are creating frequencies and vibrations for the collective consciousness to rise. The collective consciousness of mental well-being to thrive and flourish.

My mental health mobility is a daily practice. We are always in the process of being. We are spirits on a human journey. You and I are immortal spiritual beings co-creating our lives right here and right now. We have this minute; this minute right now is where we are. In this minute we can reframe the energy within to match the universal energy.  That is our practice. It is a practice of self love.

Through becoming an exuberant animal, I learned to love myself. There was a power shift in that process of falling in love with Daniel. I discovered energy, gifts, skills, and badassery I had denied myself in my feelings of depression.

Depression was no longer going to create the false energetic view I had of myself. Learning to love myself set me free. It opened new portals of wisdom and guidance that have allowed me to dance ecstatically across the surface of mother earth.

Gratitude for the Universal teachings that have opened these portals for me are the purpose behind Mental Health Mobility.

Together we can journey to new mental well-being and open a new narrative around depression. Together we can create mental health mobility.


Daniel O’Neill

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Mental mobility refers to a humans’ ability to navigate their environment consciously with intention, clarity, no fear, and a sense of belonging in terms of activities in daily living.

A mobile mind can change, shift, reframe, and see from a higher perspective.

" I'll see you on the other side! "

Daniel O'Neill  |  Warrior Villain

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