Oct 05

I am that I am. Such a powerful way to frame who and what you are. I am statements own the very energy of your Vision and move the needle. By stating “I am” you are switching from passive energy to a living document of who you are and how your pursuing life. Its a living document because you are claiming your power.

I am authentic.
I am vulnerable.
I am an athlete.
I am living my Vision.

Stating I am in your life creates new Neuro Pathways that build links and chains that help you control your thoughts. The power in this practice can make you mentally tougher in areas that you desire to grow in. This is about controlling your own programming. You write the code.

I am capable.
I am enough.
I am inspired.
I am my Spiritual self.

Life is the desire to live your highest expression of yourself. In whatever you choose. And it is so important that you chose. I can control one thing in my life, me! I am gives us more control, powerful control and a chance for self-mastery.

I am living my divinity.
I am moving my needle.
I am pursuing life.
I am that I am.


I am says when you think you’re done, you still have more to give.

God Bless


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