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Oct 05

In life you are either forging your way, your lifestyle, and your pursuit or society is doing it for you. It’s weird how much we do life on autopilot, walking through daily living in habitual patterns and habits. Going through the motions and not seeing the limitations we set on ourselves.

Forging the lifestyle and person you envision is an intentional act. Forging is taking the attacking attitude and moving the needle each day. To forge is to make or shape by heating and hammering or beating to obtain the desired shape. Now we’re talking. But wait a minute! If we are not taking the initiative then life is doing the forging. Society has a way of trying to forge you in its best interests. Society has a formula and you are susceptible to it. Being a healthy member and contributing in a mutually conscientious way to society is important. Having your lifestyle, thoughts, actions, way and what you pursue defined for you is not.

Back to hammering and beating! Take the mind you have and forge it in the way you see it allowing you to promote a lifestyle that supports your way. Beat the unnecessary distractions and programming out of circulation. Hammer the areas you know will make what you are pursuing a reality. Let’s get over the idea that it’s all sprinkles and icing. Some of it is bullshit and hard work. Well the things that really matter might take a lot more of that hard work. The easy way is a trap that leads to being forged. Find the fire that you can work in, after all it is the fire that produces the ability to forge the shape you’re looking for.

It can be an unpopular decision to forge ahead with your pursuit. You see when you create an imbalance for others it makes them uncomfortable. That’s for them to deal with. The ones who really get you will be on board. They will help hold you accountable and will support you. Don’t let pressure enter into your furnace and change the shape of your energy. The heat is necessary, hammer out the things you need and don’t accept any compromises. That which you are forging will not be built on compromises.

Forge and attitude and a mindset unwilling to give up, let the fire that lights you up be an undeniable exuberance to see the shape you want become a reality. Take the junk out and let the abundance in. Forging is energy, you have a choice. Be proactive and create it, or get forged in a shape you don’t want.


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