Defining Epic

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Oct 05

Who defines what epic is? Is it a skewed perception of what is epic because of high profile events and media coverage? Is epic one of those things we judge based on the filters we see the world through? It certainly can be and usually is. We play small in our own minds because we see things others are doing and downplay our epic versus what we see theirs as.

Epic is solely up to the person achieving the outcome of their objective. My epic will be different than your epic. What should be really important is to recognize a person’s epic achievement and not have to pass judgement on it. Even more important is to not judge our epic achievements and down play them. Each of us is capable of defining what our own epic looks like, feels like, and what we get from it. Epic is personal so that we can be that in our lives. When judgement enters into the equation we minimize human accomplishment. Who cares if it is unimportant to us? Pass no judgement because it is not our place to do so.

It takes courage to step up into your own epic. Allowing yourself the opportunity to rise up into your epic is truly admirable. We as a Tribe need to make more effort to celebrate when someone decides to create and achieve their own epic. Look back over history to see how we have come so far in our collective achievements. The insanity architects have created epic and moved it out beyond the limits once thought possible. That is a key ingredient when you are looking at what defines epic for you. If it moves you out beyond what you thought was possible that is epic.

Epic is that which we can achieve in every facet we desire. Living to a higher level of joy and exuberance can be the result of pursuing your own definition of epic. Play big in your life and be epic. It’s a lot of fun to move through your days as an epic player on the landscape of life.

God Bless


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