Dancing With the Moment

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Oct 05

After the tragic collision the Humboldt Broncos had I was reeling for a few days. It just made no sense that so many lives were lost. First of all my prayers, and thoughts go out to every parent, family member, friend, girlfriend, billet, or anyone who knew an individual who passed. I wasn’t sure how to write this in terms that makes sense. But I know it made me realize how valuable each moment is. It also made me realize that I don’t fully embrace every moment I live. Too often I am focusing on the long range goals I have and out there on the hoped for horizon. I was meditating on this when the following popped into my mind, ‘Dance with each moment’ of your life. Dancing is a metaphor here for being present in every moment.

Doing Epic Shit can be done in the moment every moment. I talk often about enjoying the process and the journey. Upon reflecting I realize that I often don’t actually do this. By focusing down the road I am failing to dance right in this moment. Dancing in this moment means to just accept the moment as it is. Being the silent witness and observing the moment without judging it, and others. Maybe most importantly is not judging myself in this one beautiful moment. Doing Epic Shit means accepting what is going on right here and now. Embracing this pain, this joy, this failure, this success, this opportunity right here to dance the moment. I’m not saying don’t try to change the events that are impacting the moment, however don’t spend so much time focusing out beyond the moment you forget to live. Dancing is a joyous activity, it is vibrant, energized, and a celebration. That’s why Dancing with the Moment caught my attention.

I wanted to try and make sense of the tragic Humboldt collision for myself. What really struck me about that collision was the loss of potential, the loss of dreams. All of the people who lost their lives on that bus were there for a purpose. They had a passion for hockey, each other, and their dreams. They were dancing in the moment together doing what they loved. Life is short, pursue it like it is. Tomorrow could change everything. So today bust your ass to live your passion dancing in the moment to enjoy that journey. I believe that I can honor the Humboldt Broncos by doing my part to keep their collective passion alive by dancing in my moments. As humans we can live a collective passion that celebrates all of them and all of us. This collective energy can lift us all when a moment and life doesn’t make sense.

God Bless


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