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May 02

Changing the Shape of Energy – Blog Series 1, Number 2

By danoneill | Bible Hacks Blog

A man’s wisdom makes his face shine,

And the hardness of his face is changed.

Ecclesiastes 8:1

Objective:  Creating your own personal energy and atmosphere

Timeline:40 days


  • Hydration
  • Meditation
  • Nature

I have spent some time in the book of Ecclesiastes over the years. It’s such a paradox as it appears the Author is basically saying to start off with screw life. The first chapter is not uplifting and cheery. That is where the paradox comes in though; the wisdom to deal with what that entire first chapter brings forth is contained in the Teacher’s searching. Ah yes searching, what I have discovered is that God will pursue us continually; we in turn must be willing to search for Him everywhere, and in all circumstances. It can be easy to become comfortable when life is going well and fall away from pursuing God in all situations and circumstances. It’s not always easy to seek God first, but it is most rewarding.

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Mar 23

Consider Your Ways

By danoneill | Bible Hacks Blog

Objective: Discovering the power of obedience to God in our lives

Time line: 40 days


  • Mindset
  • Prayer
  • Scripture
  • Your Voice

Gotta love how scripture can smack you in the face. The whole Book of Haggai really comes down to being obedient or being disobedient. Just when you thought no one was looking. In my book ‘Nobody Can Take It Away From You’ I talk about how the word obedient has become bad. Yeah it’s one of those words we don’t like to utter because it seems on the surface that we are giving our freedom or power away.

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