About Me

Recipient of the
2018 Pride of Strathcona Mayor’s Award

Author, Athlete, Coach, Metis, Change Agent,
Sexual Abuse Conqueror, Insanity Architect

My Function in life is to inspire others. My Mission in life is to be a living example of energy, peace, and joy in all I do. Life is a gift and I endeavor to open it with renewed gusto every day, there are no ordinary moments.

I have authored two books “Racing Death, A Radical Pursuit” was just released at the end of August 2018. “Nobody Can Take It Away From You” was released in 2014.My books are about pushing our personal limitations out of the way to overcome the status quo and societal conditioning. When we do this we connect with our true nature which is our inherited guiding principle. This true nature is our true north and takes us to the right path we must walk in our lives.

I have completed multiple Ironman Triathlons, Ultra Marathons, Marathons, Marathon Cross-Country Ski races, and other distance events. I continue to compete in different events to shape my journey and test my mind and body. Training is a lifestyle for me, a way of life, a way of being, and a pursuit of life. I pursue life in a way that allows me to explore my true nature and release it into the world to shine bright for others. It is my constant pursuit in these areas that helps me to balance my life and have a healthy mind, body, and Spirit.

As a Triathlon Coach I have successfully helped athletes achieve their Ironman goals, and all other distance events that they are competing in. My UN Philosophy which is my own personal operating system has been adapted into my P-TEAM Coaching. This Coaching is designed to help individuals, organizations, or teams perform at the levels they desire and that will move the needle of their Missions and Visions. My goal as a Coach is to bring out each persons or teams ability to function at their best possible versions of themselves.

In 2015 I created Dan’s 24 Hour Ride to raise money for the Kids With Cancer Society. I ride the annual Tour of Hope for this organization as well. This is a seven day bike ride over 900 kilometers for the Society. For the 24 Hour Ride other people join me and we hold a silent auction which has raised over $35,000 to date. I have conquered adversity in my life going back to my childhood and sexual abuse I was subjected by a pedophile. I hope to help families and children who are facing adversity through a childhood cancer diagnosis. Together you and I can and we are making a difference.

As a Speaker I can tailor my speech to any organization, team, youth group, or group. I use my experiences from competing in distance events, failures, overcoming adversity through grit and resilience to create an experience for my audience. My never say quit attitude comes through in these events and my connection to Spirit helps me to invoke an attitude of peace and joy in the audience they can carry forward to pursue their lives.

Life isn’t short if you pursue it with passion. Life isn’t fair but it doesn’t have to beat you up or get you down when you’re connected to it with Spirit. Life is a gift, live it with enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

I am on a journey. I am storming the Castle daily. I’m creating energy to walk my ath and walk it my way…come join me.


Daniel O’Neill