In December 2019 I was in Hawaii to run the Honolulu Marathon and celebrate a personal one-year anniversary. The Universe can have a different plan in place than the ones we believe we are pursuing. My Spirit guide, Solomon, was going to create an experience that would move me into a new understanding of forgiveness and self-love. A small blue covered book inside of Barnes & Noble titled “Ho’oponopono” caught my eye. Immediately, I felt an inner energy and knew this was sign. I picked up the book without reading the back cover and purchased it. The ten days I spent on Oahu, running the Marathon, all the nights on the beach watching sunsets, the exploring of the island, and this little book were going to shift my world.

Ho’o means ‘to make’, and pono translates to ‘right’ or ‘correct’. Ho’oponopono means to join oneself again with The Higher Self and Source of All Being. In my past I had forgiven two people who had hurt me deeply. A pedophile, and a narcissist who both had never done their own shadow work and were energetically disrupting other people’s lives. Forgiving those people came easily for me. The challenge was forgiving myself. I held deep resentment within myself for my own transgressions, shame for being human. Shame is an ugly place to live from. And now a gift from the Divine was going to show me how to love myself.

I am 100% responsible for myself, and everything in my life. Ho’oponopono asked me to take full responsibility for everything that happened in my life. I was responsible for the actions of a pedophile in my childhood? WOW, that is a harsh gift from the Divine. To simplify for this blog, the idea is that everything I see in another is a part of my own being. The good I see in them, the Bad, and the ugly. Everything I see in another that bothers or hurts me, is a mirror reflection of that aspect in myself. It takes great Love to practice Ho’oponopono, the gift I learned is in receiving self-Love. As I began to practice Ho’oponopono I began to feel an amazing sense of self-Love. I fell in Love with Daniel, even the junk I so heartily disliked about myself started to be alright to shift energetically.

“I am Sorry.” “Please forgive me.” “I Love you.” “Thank you.” This is the Ho’oponopono mantra we recite to the Divine. It is a process of cleaning our thoughts. We live in one of two states. The state of our thoughts, which are our enemy. These can be wounds and energies that keep us living back there, trapped in that wounded energy. The second state is the state of inspiration, when we feel inspired we are experiencing the Divine in ourselves. This is a space of forgiveness and self-Love. There are no thoughts to wound us. No energy that takes us from our own Divinity and sacredness. We are responsible for everything and clean everything daily to release ourselves from anything but experiencing this amazing moment right here, right now.

My favorite take-away from “A Course in Miracles” is that “Only Love is real.” Anything else is an illusion. Love allows us to be angry, hurt, sad, indifferent, and it gives us the freedom to be those things without giving away our power. We give away our power when we react from a place that isn’t Love. Love is wildly abundant, in our interconnected universe being that Love opens us to abundant possibility. Love is a boomerang you throw willingly out, and the universe brings you back, signs, blessings, and miracles.

As we stand in the atomic energy of Love NOW! Illusions from societal conditioning, false thoughts and old beliefs are released. The skinny on Love is this. We are present in this moment with the Universe just waiting to explode with miracles and blessings.  We stop living patterns and habits, joy takes over and guides us to inspired actions.

Love is a magnetic tug towards inclusion, releasing judgements and false perceptions of others and ourselves. We move towards each other no matter our humanness, connected through Love.

That is the gift Ho’oponopono has bestowed upon me. I took some big leaps in the last three years and the Universe through my own self-Love has caught me and provided wings for every leap. I continue to clean my thoughts daily and experience myself in ways I was closed to before. Ho’oponopono gives freedom like I have never experienced before. I am 100% responsible for everything in my life. I have learned to use my voice and not shy away or hide from the world. I have learned to stand in my power in ways that don’t conflict with others I meet on my journey. It’s a beautiful day everyday. Ho’oponopono is our highest good expressing Love in everything we do. This forgiveness ritual is Love in motion.

Aloha means, “I see the divine in you, I see the divine in me.” I coach the Ho’oponopono method. For your free 15-minute consultation contact me at






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