A man’s wisdom makes his face shine,

And the hardness of his face is changed.

Ecclesiastes 8:1

Objective:  Creating your own personal energy and atmosphere

Timeline:40 days


  • Hydration
  • Meditation
  • Nature

I have spent some time in the book of Ecclesiastes over the years. It’s such a paradox as it appears the Author is basically saying to start off with screw life. The first chapter is not uplifting and cheery. That is where the paradox comes in though; the wisdom to deal with what that entire first chapter brings forth is contained in the Teacher’s searching. Ah yes searching, what I have discovered is that God will pursue us continually; we in turn must be willing to search for Him everywhere, and in all circumstances. It can be easy to become comfortable when life is going well and fall away from pursuing God in all situations and circumstances. It’s not always easy to seek God first, but it is most rewarding.

There is much hardness in the world today. Life can be heavy and society seems to be more uncertain daily. Political lines are messy and partisan thinking doesn’t care about others and their views. The art of debating is lost and arguing is a form of an attack culture that is flowing dangerously not even below the surface any more. This bit of scripture has been front and center for me recently, ‘and the hardness of his face is changed.’ I was hard in heart and face. The culture of hardness in the world, and the culture I was immersed in were destructive and having a massive impact on my health and well-being. So much so that my depression was becoming heavy and I was having thoughts I hadn’t had since my early thirties. Not good thoughts and I was trying to will myself out of this hardness. All the while God was waiting patiently to work through His wisdom in me to change the shape of that hard energy on me.

And the earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters.

Genesis 1:2

Here comes some really cool information about God and our relationship with Him. This Genesis 1:2 scripture was popping up a lot for me in a short period of time. I was embroiled in a struggle and wasn’t able to see exactly what was being downloaded to me by God. He does that with me, takes a word or piece of scripture and places it upon me to study and learn.  A great guy I recently met who is very well versed in scripture and God enlightened me about part of this scripture. He told me that water is chaos. Interesting considering we are made up mostly of water, things started rolling and I began to see what God had in store for me with this scripture. At this time my life was chaos, full on chaos. And there, was the Spirit of God hovering over me. WOW, if that isn’t grace what is? In the midst of the utter chaos I was experiencing He was there, present, hovering to Change the Shape of My Energy.

One Sunday in church this piece of advice from our Pastor really resonated with me, “Focus on God not your circumstances.” It was an AHA moment and it changed the shape of my energy. When I was focusing on my circumstances I was wearing a hard mask, frustrated, angry, sad, hurt, and closed off. The realization that focusing on God and His grace lifted that hard mask off of me was phenomenal. I was lighter in thought and emotion. In the New American Standard Bible Ecclesiastes 8:1 reads, “A man’s wisdom illumines him and causes his stern face to beam.” Experiencing this in my personal walk was a powerful testament to this scripture. The atmosphere of not only my face but my entire being was changing from a hardened exterior to a beaming coming from within me. I had people coming up to me and telling me that I was actually beaming. That is the power God can have in our lives.

Changing The Shape Of Energy

In my book Racing Death I speak about changing the shape of energy. It’s at the heart of the book and the inspiration I’m trying to evoke through it. Now within scripture I was finding the Biblical Life Hack for my own life and atmosphere. An atmosphere is a surrounding influence or environment. I had just left an environment in my life that was unhealthy and had spiritual warfare taking place. The instantaneous impacts on my physical health were enormous. My body shifted and changed quickly to what I knew it was before this environment was slowly killing me.

The influence of the environment was totally up to me though. I had let this environment become ungodly and gave away too much of my identity. That was ultimately my responsibility and based on my choices. The hardness had started to creep into my face and heart before I left that toxic environment. I allowed myself to fall into the victim mentality and stop changing the shape of energy. I was my own worst enemy and kept myself from beaming even with all the bullshit that was allowed to happen around me.

Maybe the most well know Psalm of all, 23 has a great lesson for us about changing the shape of energy. Psalm 23-2 “He leads me beside quiet waters.” Remember that water is considered to be chaos. That is unless the Spirit of God is moving over them. Here David tells us that God will lead us beside quiet waters because He will meet us there! That’s the amazing thing about God, if He leads us He is with us.  This is the mystery we are pursuing in relationship with Christ. Having Him present in every circumstance and situation should be front and center in our minds. Where God leads us may not be easy or without some chaos. However He will always lead us beside quiet waters to connect and be in communion with Him. God will change the shape of our energy with wisdom that will take the hardness from our faces.

Tools for Putting Changing The Shape Of Energy into practice

My personal practice for these Biblical Hacks is to put them into practice for 40 days. I commit to them daily and incorporate them into my routine. These tools are provisions from God to help us change the atmosphere.

Tool #1 Hydration

Yes it’s a weird tool to start off with in this one. However it could be a tool in every Biblical Life Hack it is that important. Hydration plays a major role in all of our bodily functions. And no, drinking coffee and tea do not count as hydration. Yes they have water in them, however because it’s not pure water the body filters it differently and it can have the opposite effect of drinking water. Being dehydrated plays a major role in reduced physical and mental performance.

We are made up mostly of water, yet pretty much daily we starve ourselves of it. Morning coffee is more important than taking in water. Throughout the day there may be a lot of different beverages we consume before water. But none of them will have the impact physically, mentally, and spiritually that water does. This is why it’s the first tool here. Remember the Spirit of God was moving over the waters (Us.) Water is a tool because we are taking in God’s natural hydration designed to sustain us.

Before bed I poor a glass of water and add an Electrolyte tablet to it. We sweat while we sleep and wake up needing to get that hydration back to operate at our optimum performance level. Adding the Electrolytes helps to replace them as when we sweat we sweat them out. I have special glasses in my home for this daily morning routine which feels like a unique practice. I want to make it special so that I will treat it that way. I also have made an aluminum water bottle my favorite accessory. I sip from it throughout the day as another means to keep myself hydrated and in the hack. Mental brain fog and the heavy body feeling have gone away for me as I started to really focus on hydration and its ability to change the shape of energy. Make this a ritual and habit in your daily routine.

Tool #2 Meditation

Be honest you conjured up a room full of Monks sitting crossed legged on mats, maybe even chanting! Interesting what we will see when certain things are brought to mind. Here is what I have learned about meditation. It doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Get the perfection trap out of mind for this one please. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. For you it could simply be while sitting in a kitchen chair. If that works, that’s what makes it perfect for you. The reason for meditation is simply because one it helps us to slow down. Way too often our break neck pace in life is creating pent up, cranky, nasty, unhealthy energy that hardens our hearts and faces. Stress can really suck and doesn’t have to have control over you. Meditation helps take back control of you and that’s all you really have control over. So what it looks like isn’t important, how you set it up for you is.

Meditation can take on many different forms; it’s not simply sitting meditation. I have two forms of meditation I use. As Christians we can meditate on the Word. That is one form of meditation I practice daily. Meditation means to intend; plan in the min, to think or reflect. It is about contemplation and thinking seriously about what we are consuming. The Word nourishes us in many different ways and to mediate on it is a great way to change the shape of energy. This is a personal practice and when you are working into it He will guide you in your meditation.

I also practice sitting mediation. I don’t count breaths but I do focus on my breathing and use several breathing techniques, not necessary though.  I have a small foldable bench that I sit on. I prefer to have complete silence with my salt lamp on. And I try to do this daily after reading scripture so that I can then meditate on it. I begin by praying and slide something I am grateful for into that prayer. This is what works for me. I also make time throughout my work day to meditate. I can do it in a vehicle, quiet office, or anywhere I find the need to fulfill my desire for some quiet and peace of mind. This is such an adaptable tool. These are my routines and I only share them as a means to describe basics of sitting meditation.

The internet is an amazing resource for learning or discovering different ideas for this tool. Play around with this and enjoy the experience and process. Don’t focus so much on what it looks like design it for your lifestyle so it works for you. Add this to you routine and enjoy a calming and settling tool to change the shape of your energy.

Tool #3 Nature

This is God’s special tool and gift for each of us to change the shape of our energy. Nature helps to reset our own natural rhythms. Remember Psalm 23 and being lead beside quiet waters, nature! Interesting that within our very midst is a healing tool so filled with God’s presence we just need to go out into it. When we are having trouble grounding or life gets overwhelming nature is the best reset we can seek. Nature is God’s natural way to help heal us and allow us to ground ourselves in His truth.

It doesn’t matter where you live there is some nature around that you can connect with. I like the term Tree Hugger; find a tree and go hug it. Feel the bark, look at it, and use all of your senses as you are doing this. What can you smell, what are you hearing, how does it feel? Now, this may seem extreme but that’s the best part of it, nature is an extreme tool to help us really connect to God. Walk barefoot through the grass. Go for a hike or run on some trails, the way nature filters out the world is refreshing and renewing. Get out and experience how nature can change you energy.

My dog Smokey (AKA Junk Yard Dog) and I are blessed to have a big natural area behind where we live. Twice daily at least we go walk around the area and enjoy the beauty and energy that nature has to offer. For Smokey it’s a great bit of exercise and that is the same for me. However, for me it is a daily opportunity to be in relationship with God, and He is always there waiting for you and I. Nature will change the shape of your energy.

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