I get asked one question often when I am doing my 24 Hour Ride for the Kids With Cancer Society. How do you prepare for that? I like to jokingly say, “I watched a video!” That’s what you do today right? Anyway back to the topic. I will preface my answer with a recent experience. I saw a Moose running through a field on a quiet morning and watched it lumber through the snow. I thought to myself, that’s what I look like when I run, chuckle. In many Native North American beliefs the Moose represents self-esteem and the magic of life and death. It stands for the expression of joy and accomplishment. I adopted the Moose as my Spirit animal that day.

How I prepare and prepared to ride for 24 Hours has been a lifelong journey. And the tag line would be, “Thanks to all the Moose I have ever run with.” Getting weird eh? To all those neighborhood friends who played road hockey, five hundred, hide n seek, rounder’s, jacks, catch, and adventured all over the place, thanks. To all the teammates I played hockey, baseball, and football with, thanks. To the friends who scaled fences at local hockey rinks to play after they closed with no lights on, thanks. To all my friends who would throw a football around in the dark on warm summer nights and cold ones as well, thanks. To that cousin who would shovel off a section of the field in winter so we could play football, super big thanks. That’s how I prepared to ride a bike for 24 hours.

I’ve been blessed with fellow Moose who love to go on adventures. They love to live a video in life rather than through the videos of others. To all the Moose who coached and kicked my ass, thanks. To the power hungry people who showed me that the pursuit of position is bullshit and what you position should really be used for is to serve. To the P-TEAM who taught me how to battle, grit it out, and who held me accountable to my objectives, your Moose presence is appreciated. That’s how I prepared to ride a bike for 24 hours.

On Friday March 16 and Saturday March 17 2018 I was blessed to be in the presence of many people who carry the spirit of the Moose. Together we raised over $14,000 (and still climbing) for the kids With Cancer Society. I had an idea in 2015 and a community built Dan’s 24 Hour Ride into a successful event for helping kid’s who are battling cancer. Sitting on the bike watching it all unfold brought joy to my heart. My own spirit soared at all the amazing people gathered to make a difference. Together we made a dent in cancer. Never limit what is possible, seek to accomplish what others say isn’t.



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